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Model: 73041
Kod producenta: 73041
Gwarancja: 24 miesiące
EAN: 0643824215740
Producent: BRESSER

Ładowarka słoneczna 4-w-1 Bresser National Geographic
Solar charger with 4 different light modes

This solar charger offers four light functions: LED flashlight, SOS function, panel light 50% and panel light 100%. You can attach the device easily to a backpack or other bag. A variety of connectors for most mobile phones and other devices are included, as well as a USB power adapter.

Solar panel
LED torch
SOS mode
Panel light 50%
Panel light 100%
Built-in battery
USB-A (out)
MicroUSB (in)

The kit includes:
Solar charger
USB charging cable
Charging cable
11 different connectors (USB, miniUSB, microUSB, Moto V3, Nokia 6101*, Nokia 8210*, Sony Ericsson*, Sony PSP*, Nintendo DS, Siemens (C55), Samsung A288)

* and comparable models.

Solar pane: l0.55W
Li-ion battery: 6.3wh
USB input: 5.0V 500mA DC
USB output: 5.0V+5% 500mA DC
Flashlight: 1W LED
Panel light power: 1W
Lighting mode: 4 functions accessed by one button
Charging time for mobile phone: 1.5 to 2.5 hours
Charging mode for internal lithium battery by USB port: advanced charge management features internal circuitry for li-ion battery constant voltage safety

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