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Model: 73042
Kod producenta: 73042
Gwarancja: 24 miesiące
EAN: 0643824215757
Producent: BRESSER

Cyfrowa lornetka noktowizyjna Bresser 1–2x z montażem na głowę
Magnification: 1–2x. Visibility: 70m. Integrated IR lighting with 7 brightness levels

The digital night-vision device without magnification is specially designed to move around with this device. Thanks to the included head mount, you can easily move through the forest or the room. But also for the observation of large areas in the garden, this is ideal because it covers a very large area at a glance. Due to the digital design it is insensitive to over-radiation. The built-in rechargeable battery allows an observation time of about 8 hours. You can charge it via the supplied USB cable or an optional commercial power bank. The simultaneous observation and operate with the power bank is of course possible. The integrated infrared lighting makes it easy to observe in complete darkness. Due to the great insight you can also observe with some distance pleasant through the night vision device. Thanks to the 2x digital zoom, you can take a closer look at your objects without having to approach the object itself. The detection range is about 70m. You can observe this device very comfortably with both eyes.

Digital night-vision device
Digital zoom 2x
Integrated infrared lighting with 7 brightness levels
Range: approx. 70m
Battery operated: 5V 3000mA (energy for up to 8 hours)

The kit includes:
Night-vision device
Padded shoulder strap
Head mount
USB charging cable
Operation manual

Dane techniczne:
Typ: lornetka
Powiększenie, x: 1–2
Pole widzenia, °: 32,57
Pole widzenia przy 1000 m: 570
Makro, m: 0,5
Zwiększenie intensywności obrazu: cyfrowy
Z oświetlaczem podczerwieni: tak
Zakres widmowy, nm: 850
Zasilanie: akumulator 5 V / 3000 mAh
Korpus: tworzywo sztuczne
Zakres temperatur kamery, °C: -20…+60
Dodatkowo: powłoka układu optycznego: pełna powłoka
Masa, kg: 0,335
Wymiary, mm: 140x165x66