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Stacja meteorologiczna Bresser MyTemp WTM

Model:  73272
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Stacja meteorologiczna Bresser MyTemp WTM
Weather station includes silicone water sensor

Bresser bathroom thermometer MyTemp WTM fits your bathroom perfectly!

You can read off the room temperature from the main station and also the water temperature, for example from the bathtub using the included silicone water sensor. The color-coded temperature indicator on the water sensor shows whether the desired water temperature has been reached.

Furthermore, the Bresser bath thermometer has an alarm with snooze function. In addition to the temperatures, the main station also displays the current time (12/24 h) and the bieżąca data.

Display of room temperature
Time (12/24 hour format selectable)
Date display
Alarm with snooze function
Memory function to display the min./max measured temperatures
Including waterproof silicone water sensor
With display to indicate the water temperature
With color-coded temperature indicator

The kit includes:
Main station
Silicone water sensor
2x Micro Batteries (1.5 V, Type AAA)
2x Mini Batteries (1.5 V, Type AAAA)
User manual

Dane techniczne:
Zastosowanie: łazienka, temperature measurement
Konstrukcja: cyfrowa
Wyświetlanie czasu / daty: 12-godzinny, 24-godzinny
Wyświetlacz temperatury: wewnątrz, na zewnątrz
Zasilanie: 2x AAA (Micro), 1.5V and 2x AAAA (Mini), 1.5V
Korpus: tworzywo sztuczne
Wymiary: 79x78x29 mm
Masa (z akcesoriami): 55 g

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