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Kolimator lasera 1,25” Bresser

Model:  73755
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Kolimator lasera 1,25” Bresser
Pomaga w szybkiej i łatwej kolimacji teleskopu Newtona

The laser-collimator makes aligning the mirrors of a Newtonian telescope simple, fast and precise. With the laser you collimate your optics even in the dark without additional accessories. Precisely machined it fits a 1,25" focuser without tilting. The built-in projection area enables collimating even long focal length scopes in a breeze.

Suitable for Newtonian, Schmidt-Newtonian and Maksutov-Newtonian teleskopes.

31.7mm (1.25") eyepiece barrel diameter
Machined anodized aluminum housing with all internal surfaces coated non-reflective flat black
Built in laser collimatable

Important! Laser products have to be kept out of reach of children!

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