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Model: 74319
Kod producenta: 74319
Gwarancja: 24 miesiące
Producent: BRESSER

Mikroskop Bresser Junior Biolux SEL 40–1600x, zielony
Jasny mikroskop dla dzieci. Zestaw do eksperymentów w komplecie. Powiększenie: 40–1600x

Bresser Junior Biolux SEL 40–1600x microscope with its extensive range of accessories offers an optimal introduction to microscopy. Unique to these models is the Barlow zoom system in the eyepiece socket: by means of a pull-out additional lens, the magnification can be continuously changed up to 2 times during visual observation, so that together with 3 objectives and 2 interchangeable wide-field eyepieces magnifications of 40x to 1600x can be achieved.

Bresser Junior Biolux SEL 40–1600x microscope has an adjustable LED for transmitted light and incident light incl. filter disc with color filters and apertures. Thus the illumination can always be optimally adjusted. The additional incident light illumination can also be used to microscope objects that are not transparent, such as leaves, small insects and much more. This makes it particular l y easy to get started in microscopy!

The power supply is provided by batteries (three pieces type AA), so that microscopic work can also be carried out in the vicinity without a socket. The accessories already include permanent specimens and 5 empty slides and cover glasses for making your own specimens. The set also includes a preparation set consisting of a MicroCut, a knife, a pair of tweezers, a stick and a tube.

The smartphone adapter makes it possible to save the recordings on your smartphone or share them with friends and family!

There is so much exciting to discover in the microcosm, start now with your Bresser student microscope!

Biological microscope
Barlow zoom system
LED illumination with transmitted and reflected light
Battery powered
Extensive range of accessories to get started immediately
Max. object height with incident light: approx. 4mm (without slides)

The kit includes:
2 w idefield eyepieces: 10x and 20x
3 Lenses: 4x, 10x and 40x
Barlow lens with up to 2x magnification
Microscopy utensils
Yeast, sea salt, shrimp eggs, shrimp hatchery
Inclusion media (Gum Media)
Microcut microtoma
Empty slides and cover glasses
Permanent preparations
Batteries (3 pieces AA)
Smartphone adapter
Dust cover
User manual

Dane techniczne:
Typ: optyczne/z układem wielosoczewkowym, biologiczne
Głowica: monokularowa
Powiększenie, x: 40–1600
Okulary: szerokie pole widzenia, WF10x, WF20x
Soczewki obiektywowe: 4x, 10x, 40x
Rewolwer: 3 obiektywy
Stolik, mm: z zaciskami
Diafragma: obrotowa
Regulacja ostrości: zgrubna
Korpus: tworzywo sztuczne, aluminium
Podświetlenie: LED
Regulacja jasności: tak
Zasilanie: baterie AA (Mignon), 1,5 V – 3 szt. (dołączone do zestawu)
Poziom zaawansowania: dzieci
Zastosowanie: eksperymenty szkolne/uniwersytet, dla dzieci
Umiejscowienie źródła oświetlenia: łączone
Metoda badania: metoda jasnego pola
Zestaw do eksperymentów w komplecie: tak
Soczewka Barlowa: 2x

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